Get Your Ship (Thinking) Together Using The Work of Byron Katie

The Work is more than a practice, it’s a journey to a new perspective and a new way of thinking. Byron Katie developed The Work through her own difficult experiences. The Work uses inquiry as a powerful tool to identify and change the thoughts and beliefs that cause stress, anger, and frustration in our lives. Every time we do The Work, we become more enlightened to our true nature. Michelle is a certified facilitator of The Work and assists both individuals and teams through one-on-one coaching and workshops.


Doing The Work

To do The Work, Michelle will walk you through four steps. These include:

1. Notice

Identify a specific situation that causes you stress.

2. Write

Put your thoughts down on paper using the Judge-Your-Neighbor worksheet.

3. Question

Ask the four questions to understand the situation in a new way.

4. Turn it Around

Challenge your thinking and change your perspective.

The Work is meditation and Michelle will guide you through the process of working through sources of stress in your life. To get the most out of The Work, you'll need to write your thoughts on a Judge-Your-Neighbor worksheet. You can download the official worksheet below.

Michelle will guide you through this journey with patience and compassion. Allow your doubts and fears to be challenged, reduced, and even eliminated with The Work.

If you think you and your team would benefit from The Work,
please contact Michelle for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your specific needs.